About Me

My name is Matt Fish and I am the founder of Town My Way. I first became interested in entrepreneurship when I was in the 3rd grade. My sister and I really wanted walkie-talkie’s but it wasn’t my birthday or Christmas; it was summer. I decided I wanted the walkie-talkie’s and would find a way to buy them. My motivation for the walkie-talkie’s and my passion for basketball proved to be a great mix. I started and ran my very own basketball camp in my driveway. I went door to door through the whole neighbordhood passing out flyers for my camp. I hired my sister to make shirts (a white t-shirt with pen drawn on) for the campers. I charged each camper two dollars to attend the camp. In the end, I made $40, enough to buy my walkie-talkie’s.

It didn’t feel like work, it was fun. From that moment on I knew I never wanted to settle for a typical job. I wanted to create something new, help the world, and follow my dreams. I hosted my basketball camp for three straight years before I moved to another city. It was a great start and always forced me to keep my eyes open.

Right now I am attending Oberlin College, double majoring in economics as well as law and society.  Lake Orion is my home and I want to help build the community to make for an even more enjoyable experience. I have a great deal of pride when it comes to Lake Orion and it is something I want to show the world. This is where the journey begins. My voyage around the world starts now!


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