16 06 2012

Growing a business takes time. You may come in with a great idea and expect the whole world to immediately jump on board. Don’t be discouraged when things do not go how you expect. Believe in your product and keep working with it. Growing my website has been one grueling process. My plan was to launch a new version of the website in all the cities around my county within a year. The year is up and I am just now launching into my second location. This, however, does not mean my company has not been a success. To grow it takes money and to get money, you need to prove your business.

I launched my first site absolutely free and still some people were hesitant to jump on board. I thought this would be a quick way to get my name out their and get people interested in helping launch Town My Way into another location. I have spent the last year networking like crazy, marketing my product, and reaching out to new businesses even though I knew I wouldn’t make money from that. The hard work has paid off because now I am starting to grow and will be able to launch in a new area.

Be patient and don’t be afraid to work. Starting a business takes hard work and a lot of people won’t see the value in your product at first. It can get easier. Once people recognize your product and brand, it will be a much easier sell. 




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