1 02 2012

Never overlook the benefits of having a team. A building will not stand without a strong foundation and your team is your foundation. As a leader you must show strength, courage, and decisiveness but there are many other attributes to help make your business successful. Be approachable. Encourage your workers to come with you for ideas or even for complaints. They know what it takes to make things better you just have to listen. Ideas are created by outside circumstances. Whether those circumstances come from the environment or other people, they do not originate with you. Be open and creative. Set time aside for your team to explore new options and set new goals. See what you can do together to reach those goals. Create programs to reward members for doing a good job and make sure everyone is working towards one common goal. If your aspirations are unclear then your workers could be working against each other trying to achieve different ends. Make sure everyone knows what is expected and promote open communication between all workers. Closing your doors on your workers hurts the work environment.




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