Crain’s Detroit Business 20 in their 20s

31 01 2012

Yesterday could not have gotten any better. Not only did we sell advertising space on Town My Way but also I was in discussions with acquiring a franchise license that will fit right in with our current company. Six months ago I would never have thought I would be able to take on another project while running Town My Way but by keeping my head up I can see the benefit of adding a new wrinkle to our model. Its time to scratch the old business model and create a new one.

Always look for opportunity and when it is there seize it. You can never expect things to happen because it is your job to make things happen. If you never look for change or something new it will drive you crazy. Your company will become stagnant and it will feel like you are going no where. Keep things fresh and come up with ideas for the future. Even if they are only possibilities and may never happen, it at least gets you thinking.

On top of all this excitement I received an email congratulating me on being nominated for Crain’s Detroit Business 20 in their 20s. This is a huge honor. Some of my biggest mentors have been received this status including Dan Gilbert and Josh Linkner who I had the pleasure of working under this previous summer. I may be the youngest candidate in the field being only 20, but I have Dan and Josh to thank for the opportunities I have been given and the success I have enjoyed. Working at Detroit Venture Partners inspired me to start my own business and help my community. All this excitement has brought on extra work but times like this really make you appreciate the journey. I will continue to work and continue to strive for success. I appreciate all the support and help along the way because none of this would have been possible alone.




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