Beautiful Journey

24 01 2012

I have not posted in a while but I felt it necessary to record a little about the emotional roller-coaster it takes to be an entrepreneur. When I last left it seemed I had a plan in place and would not be bothered by any major obstacles. I was wrong! It seemed everything that could go wrong did go wrong. Instead of my website being developed in the two months as originally planned, it has taken six months. My first developer ran into problems so I decided to hire on a new developer to help resolve the issues. This lead to remaking the entire site and running into the exact same problems. It seemed we were going in circles but I didn’t know what else I could do. I was out of options because I was out of money. I had to trust my team of developers and just sit and wait.

We seemed to have hit a wall with no visible progress. I must have exchanged hundreds of emails asking for updates and seeing what I could do to help. I was scared, nervous, and angry. After months of promoting my site I was forced to step back. All of the contacts I had made were now of no use because there was no sign of expanding any time soon. Basically, I had to take a break from the business world until the new site was complete and then start all over meeting new clients.

What kept me sane was my confidence in my product. No  matter how long it would take I knew I could sell my product and because of that I made sure the product was done right. This is a huge step to take. To be able to sit back when things are going no where and have faith in what you are dong. Expect your team to come up with a great product and know even if you have to start over, it is all possible. As an entrepreneur you will always be saddled with stress. Learn how to channel that stress and take it as a blessing. Dig deep into the heart of your product to learn where it can take you. By believing in my product I knew not to let the little things affect me. No matter how much stress came my way, I remained calm. People on my team handled stress in different ways by taking out their frustration. As a leader I cannot let the stress bring me down because that will solve nothing. Instead I preach patience and finding things to do in the meantime. If the problem is out of your hands take a break. Breathing down the neck of your teammates does not promote a healthy work environment, instead it hurts business relationships. Trust your team and let them do their job.

Now the site is finally finished and working great. On the first two days of being back we have seen more activity than ever before. For the first time in six months there is a sense of relief. This feeling will not last long but it is a nice break from the usual grind. Enjoy the moments you have and celebrate the small victories because it is these victories that keep us going. Now I will be looking forward to expansion and branding myself. Stress ebbs and flows like a wave. One day it is as high as a mountain and the next you feel free. Celebrate those stress free moments because you need your strength to take on the next big wave.




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