Believe in Yourself

2 08 2011

This video says it all. Determination is the underlying ingredient to success. If you have a dream, then pursue it and don’t give up until you have achieved your goals.

When I was a kid, I went through a very similar experience in learning how to ride a bike. I was four years old and was sick of using the training wheels. I devoted my entire afternoon to learning how to ride a bike by myself. My parents were not allowed to help because I told them I wanted to do it on my own. That whole day my mom would watch me fail over and over again. She would see me scream at the bike, throw it on the ground, and keep at it. I would be taking training wheels off and on trying to figure it out. Whenever my mom came out to help or see if I was alright I would tell her to go inside and let me keep trying.

Fall after fall I went, with fresh new cuts as the day went on, I kept on pushing. I hated my bike, but I wanted to conquer it. I couldn’t give up now so I kept on trying. Determination is what forced me to continue. If I stopped now, I would have felt I had failed. I wanted to ride a bike on two wheels and wouldn’t let a few cuts and scrapes get in my way. Finally, I did it. I succeeded and was now riding my bike all around the block.

What was I seeking? Recognition? Glory? No, I told myself I wanted to teach myself to ride a bike and I did it. I did not do this for anyone else but myself. I wanted to do it without the help of others but wanted to push myself to see what I was truly capable of. If you always rely on other people you will never realize your full potential. Push yourself to the limit. Watch yourself fall, but when you do, find a way to pick yourself up and keep going. This is a great example of the importance of determination.

If you want something, don’t let anything stop you. Show resilience in your work. Have a can-do attitude everyday. Most importantly, show determination and believe in yourself. You are capable of much more than you think. Test your limits and don’t be afraid to fail. Failure is what keeps us going and forces us to try again. If we never fail there would be no point in pushing for anything more. We would get no satisfaction in achieving success because we never really earned it. With failure comes greater satisfaction and rewards. Believe in yourself and keep on pedaling!




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